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Bicycle leasing: all advantages in one list

Advantages Bikeleasing Cyclis - Employer - Lease a bike

Advantages for employees.

Better health & environment: According to our cyclists, these are the main reasons for cycling to work. Do you also want to contribute to your health and the environment? Then bicycle leasing is for you!

No traffic jams or parking problems: Exchange your car for a bicycle and start your day without stress, traffic jams and parking problems.

An all-in lease package: During the lease period, you enjoy your favorite bicycle, including unburdening services.

Financial advantage: Leasing a bicycle through your employer is up to 40% cheaper than a private purchase. We explain it using the example below.

What will it cost me?

Electric bike

Catalog value: € 3000
Lease cost: ± € 129 / month
incl. insurance, maintenance & breakdown assistance
Gross wage deduction ± € 86 / month
Net wage deduction ± € 48 / month

Bicycle allowance

Bicycle allowance up to € 0.24 / km
Suppose you live 8 km from work and drive
on average 3 times a week by bike
€ 0.24 x 16 km = € 3.84 / day
€ 11.52 / week = € 46.08 / month

Why is it interesting?

You choose a bicycle with a catalog value of € 3000. This is about a lease cost € 129 / month incl. VAT. But that is not what you pay monthly for the bicycle.

In most cases your employer deducts the monthly contribution from your gross salary. Due to the reduced gross salary, the company pays less employer costs for 3 years. The employer passes on this financial benefit to you. This means you pay gross ± € 86 / month for the bicycle. You ultimately pay about ± € 48 / month net.

! Please note: these amounts depend on your personal situation and the sector in which you work.

At the end of the lease period you can

  • Return free of charge from your local bike shop and lease a new bike. This way you always ride the latest bike and enjoy our services anytime, anywhere.
  • Transfer it to the outstanding residual value and still enter into a new lease.

Bicycle allowance

It is extra advantageous if you also receive a bicycle allowance of € 0.24 / kilometer. In the example above you can see that the employee pays for his bicycle almost entirely with his bicycle allowance.

Advantages Bikeleasing Cyclis - Employer - Lease a bike

Advantages for employers.

Cost-neutral: Bicycle leasing is not only beneficial for your employees, it also has many advantages for your organization. It can be cost-neutral in case of settlement with a gross budget.

Minimum administration: We are the point of contact for you and the cyclists 24/7. Moreover, you can easily manage the entire bicycle fleet using our tool for HR. Cyclists also have all the information at their fingertips via the online tool.

Positive employer image: Bicycle leasing fits perfectly in the context of corporate social responsibility. Moreover, your company will have an edge in the “war for talent”. Employees often prefer a company that focuses on flexible wages and sustainable mobility.

Less absenteeism: Employees who cycle work on their physical and mental health. Research shows that cyclists are on average 1 to 2 days less ill than motorists per year. So many physical and mental benefits!

What exactly is bicycle leasing?

When you lease a bicycle, you “rent” it for a longer period of time. Usually the lease contract is concluded for a term of 3 years.

We offer an operational lease formula. So you not only enjoy a new bicycle with accompanying accessories, but also an all-in lease package.

You therefore pay monthly for the use of the bicycle as well as for the support services. The most advantageous concept is to exchange a certain gross budget for the bicycle. This budget can take various forms: part of your gross monthly salary, gross end-of-year bonus or gross bonus. Some companies do this on the basis of a cafeteria plan.

And that’s not all … After the lease period, you can exchange or take over your bicycle free of charge at a predetermined residual value. In both cases you can lease a bicycle again afterwards. In short, we ensure that you always enjoy a new bicycle and all its advantages without any worries.

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Advantages Bikeleasing Cyclis - Employer - Lease a bike