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Safety Cyclis Bikeleasing - Lease Bike

‘Are speed bikes safe?’ ‘Are we going to let our employees lease speed pedelecs?’ ‘And how can we train our employees in hazard perception and bike control?’

These are questions that many companies ask themselves when developing a bicycle plan. This is why Cyclis recently partnered with the E-bikerijschool and 185 coaching center in an effort to offer training courses and practical sessions.


The E-bikerijschool has several years of experience in safety training for safe cycling with an electric bicycle or speed pedelec. They have recently also started giving training courses and workshops on the latest form of electric mobility: the electric scooter.

The safety training courses and practical workshops approach two target groups

Firstly, there are the employees who intend to lease an electric bicycle and, secondly, there are those who already have an electric bicycle and want to use it more safely and more efficiently.

For the first target group it is especially important that they are sufficiently informed before they choose a bicycle. The instructors will provide neutral advice and help prepare the employees to use the bikes safely after leasing. Hazard perception is an important part of this training.

For the second target group, it consists of a refresher course of the road code along with tips about the technique and maintenance of the bicycle. By combining practical training with an interactive tour, then you get the perfect education.

These practical training courses take place in small groups either on-site or at a location determined by the employer.

Training tailored to your company

The E-bikerijschool strives to be a neutral organisation in coordinating training courses on riding skills, technology, maintenance, safety, and purchase advice. Each training is tailor-made for the company and is given by experienced and passionate instructors.

The courses take place throughout Belgium, in both Dutch and French. Each training takes a half-day to a full day, depending on the company’s demand.

Would you like to offer cycling training within your company?

Contact details of the E-bikerijschool

185 Coaching center

Cyclis has recently started working with 185 coaching center. They have been active for several years in providing advice and guidance for both recreational athletes and professional athletes. As an employer, you can offer a bicycle workshop to your team.

Tailor-made safety workshop

What does such a bicycle workshop include? 185 coaching center will talk extensively about tools to get on the road safely and responsibly. The pillars on which they focus are the road code, ergonomics & physiology, technology & safety, maintenance and practice.

The practical exercises give the employees the opportunity to test their knowledge on the public road. They learn all about the dangers and how to best respond to them. In this way you as an employer can start bicycle leasing without any worries.

The workshops can take place throughout Belgium, both in Dutch and in French. You can choose to follow a workshop of half a day or a full day.

9h00: Presentation 185 coaching center
9h10: Introduction workshop
9h20: Road code
9h50: Ergonomics
10h20: Pause
10h30: Maintenance & safety
11h00: Technic
11h30: Practice: agility exercise
12h30: Ending + Q&A
9h00: Presentation 185 coaching center
9h10: Introduction workshop
9h20: Road code
9h50: Ergonomics
10h20: Pause
10h30: Practice: Maintenance & safety
12h00: Pause
13h00: Practice: Technic &
agility exercise
14h30: Practice: Together in traffic
16h00: Ending + Q&A

Would you like to offer a workshop to your employees?

Contact details 185 Coaching Center