Why Team Cyclis?

We are a partner for your business!

Cyclis team wants to develop BICYCLE MOBILITY and promote this idea. We want to achieve this by being a POINT OF CONTACT for companies which want to shift their mobility focus towards bicycles.

A bicycle partner instead of a bicycle dealer?

Are you looking for a partner who thinks constructively with you and offers solutions to improve the health of your employees? Would you promote bicycle use among your employees in a tax-friendly environment and at the same time emphasize the green image of your company? Then Team Cyclis is your partner!

To meet the growing demand to provide an alternative to company cars, we offer you the possibility to lease bicycles. Both employer and employee can enjoy several financial benefits. Our offer includes qualitative road bikes, mountain bikes, exclusive folding bikes and comfortable electric bikes !

Service over
the whole of Belgium

Your company has one or more locations in Belgium. Your company's employees come from all over Belgium.

Cyclis team recognizes these challenges. Therefore, we work with dealers spread across the country. So both you and your employees enjoy a service wherever and whenever you want.


Your employee lives not necessarily in the same town as where your business is.

Team Cyclis lets the employee choose where the bike is delivered and maintained. In case of bicycle problems, the bike is transported to the chosen dealer, and your employee is transported to her/his destination or home. Easy, flexible and most of all, a carefree bicycle pleasure.

of services

Carefree bicycle pleasure is only possible with the right services.

That is why Team Cyclis ensures that, along with the bike, the necessary maintenance is provided, your employees are insured against damage and theft, and a 24/7 road assistance service.

For everyone.
her/his taste

As an employer, you want to take care of your employees, and let them make the choice.

That's why Cyclis Team wants to provide a very wide range of brands. If there would still be demand for a specific brand, we will discuss the options with you.