Employee benefits

✓ 30 to 40% benefit compared to a private purchase  
 Bike allowance up to €0,24/km
 All-inclusive leasing package 
 Healthy lifestylel

Flexible remuneration

As an employee, you can choose to dedicate part of your gross budget / mobility to the company bike. Since the company bike is financially attractive and you can also benefit from the advantageous gross / net ratio, you can rent a bike for your commuting at advantageous conditions. In exchange for a portion of your gross budget, you can assemble your dream bike. This business bike can also be used for private purposes. Cyclis offers a 24/7 service. 

Advantageous purchase

After the lease period, you can take over the leasing bike with the lowest residual value possible. This information is indicated on your rental quote and is therefore always known in advance. In this way, you can calculate in advance what the benefit will be, and you will see that it fluctuates between 30 and 40% compared to a private purchase 

Bicycle allowance

Another tax benefit is the bike allowance your employer can pay. The bike allowance is totally tax free up to €0,24/km and so can be a fixed and enjoyable benefit if you regularly ride a bike to work. The company bike may be associated with the company car or other travel allowance. 

All-inclusive leasing package

Each cyclist can enjoy his two-wheelers without worries, as well during home-work trips as during private trips. Our services include all-risk insurance against theft and damage, a personalized maintenance budget and VAB assistance in case of bad luck. You can find out more about this below.

Leasing package

Healthy lifestyle

Team Cyclis encourages employees to bike more often to avoid traffic jams and parking problems. Start your day without stress, a fresh mind and work on your health at the same time. The company bike is the most appropriate means of transportation for this and makes this dream a reality.  

Employer benefits

Corporate Social Responsibility
✓ Neutrality in terms of costs
 Liaison of employees to your company

Corporate Social Responsibility

As an employer, you can give employees the option of renting a business bike in the form of an additional legal benefit. By offering the company bike, you encourage employees to get to work as much as possible by bike. This not only ensures that they become healthier and healthier, but that you also create a green image as a business. In this way, we work together on the environment of tomorrow.

Neutrality in terms of costs

In addition, offering leasing bicycles can be done at no additional cost. In the context of travel between home and work, the costs are 100% deductible in operational leasing. Associated with the offer of an additional benefit (flexible pay) and a settlement with the gross salary, the company can recover the cost in its entirety. 


Cyclis also helps in administration and support, so that nobody in the company must be involved in the bike rental during the project. You can contact us at different phone numbers / e-mail addresses and we do our best to answer all your questions as quickly and as best as possible. We are always ready to support employees and help them with the processes.

Liaison of employees to your company

By offering the advantageous business bike, you can link employees to your business. You give them the option of renting a trendy bike on attractive terms for a certain period (36 or 48 months). Plus, you get extremely happy and healthy employees. 

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