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"As a prevention advisor, it is important to set a good example with regard to health promotion. With the wonderful help of my employer and Cyclis, I took the plunge about a year and a half ago to leave my company car and to do my living / work traffic almost exclusively by bike. To date I have no regrets and I do not understand that not every employer gives this opportunity to its employees. The formula is free for the employer and employees can never buy a bike themselves under the same conditions. Thank you for the push in the back! " - Filip Kinoo, Idewe

"The people at Cyclis are very friendly and helpful, and the collaboration with this enthusiastic team is smooth and flawless: questions and information are delivered quickly and correctly via e-mail or telephone. Within 1 week from the order I could already enjoy my brand-new bike. Cyclis guarantees careless leasing, highly recommended!" - Wendy De  Beukeleer, Vandemoortele