Bicycle leasing for business.

That's the lease we can do!

Your leasing partner for commuter traffic within the context of mobility and  flexible remuneration.

Team Cyclis Bicycle leasing

That's a bike ...

for a fixed monthly fee ...

including theft and damage insurance 

The leasing package includes an all-in insurance against damage and theft.

including 24/7 assistance

Anyone can rely on a trusted partner in case of a breakdown.


Your bike deserves proper maintenance. This is included in the basic package.

including a
national service

Any bike, any service is available nationwide. Wherever you want.

Encourage commuting by

Learn about the benefits

Bicycle integration
with flexible remuneration

Learn about flexible remuneration

A service tailored to companies.

Team Cyclis is a partner for its customers!

That is why we have organized ourselves in the way our customers ask.

Service in
all over Belgium

Your company has one or more locations in Belgium and your employees live anywhere in Belgium.



Your employee lives not necessarily in the same town as where your business is.


of services

Carefree bicycle pleasure is only possible with the right services.


For everyone
her/his taste

As an employer, you want to take care of your employees, and let them make the choice.