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Pushing limits for our cyclists.
The lease we can do.

As an employee, enjoy your favorite lease bike. Happy and healthy to work … Everyone wants that, right?
Cyclis Bikeleasing - Lease Bike
Vélo de Location - Cyclis Bikeleasing
Cyclis Bikeleasing - Bike Lease
14.000 happy cyclists

and counting …

Cyclis Bikeleasing - Bike Lease
Good for 67 million km’s/year

Damn, sporty people😉

Cyclis Bikeleasing - Bike Lease
Reduced CO2 emissions of 7 miljoen kg/year

We could be heroes!

Why lease from Cyclis?

Cyclis Bikeleasing - Lease Bike

Choose your dream bike at a nearby store

Choose any bicycle with matching accessories at over 1000 bike shops

Cyclis Bikeleasing - Leasefiets

You get everything you need, with an all-in leased package

Comprehensive insurance, flexible maintenance packages, roadside assistance, and much more ...

Cyclis Bikeleasing - Leasefiets

You've got everything at your fingertips with the MyCyclis tool

An overview of your bike and the associated services

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At Cyclis you can choose from a huge number of lease bicycles, both electric and regular. The explanation of how everything works, from requesting a quote to ordering, the timing and delivery goes very smoothly. Cyclis really takes care of everything. From a mandatory number plate, to roadside assistance (VAB), to insurance and maintenance. Cyclis' motto is: The lease what we can do. But to me they are so much more, they do so much more.

Cyclis Bikeleasing - Leasefiets
Jan Bekkers

When we wanted to implement a bicycle plan at the end of 2017-early 2018, we soon ended up at Cyclis because they were among the pioneers.
One of the motives for working with them was the fact that Cyclis works with any bicycle dealer. After all, it is important for most people that they can go to their own dealer for maintenance and advice on their lease bike.

foto 1 Marijke scaled
Marijke Vandormael

Cyclis is a fine leasing company, structured and geared to today's society. They have great employees who know their job well. Cyclis thinks along with the bicycle dealer. One of the great advantages is their maintenance budget that can be adapted to the needs of the cyclist. Fietsen Wildiers is already a fan!

image 11
Kris Voet
OPERATIONAL MANAGER - Wildiers E-Bike Center

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