Bicycle Leasing

Do you want to work without stress, with a fresh mind and a healthy body? With a company bike, this dream combo becomes a reality!

Today, the bike is the most ideal means of transport for you​

  • Together we work on the environment of tomorrow
  • Forget about endless traffic jams and parking problems
  • Avoid stress and start your day with a fresh mind
  • Go for a healthy lifestyle with enough daily exercise

Team Cyclis focuses specifically on leasing bicycles to companies in the context of mobility. Employees can benefit from a flexible pay system in which the corporate bike can easily be integrated into the context of commuting. In this way, you can assemble a bike with a specific gross budget and rent it on very advantageous terms. The company bike is financially attractive to both the employer and the employee. You can find out more about this below.

Employee benefits Employer benefits

Unlimited Offer

✓ Choose your favourite brand and model from a local reseller 

At Cyclis, you have the choice between a wide range of bikes. Go to your local dealer and realize your dream, you can choose from all brands and models. Send us the quote and we will deliver a custom lease as soon as possible!!
Please note that these items are listed in the quote: size, colour, model for women or for men and any accessories..

Local Service

✓Have your bike serviced by a  local bike dealer lokale fietshandelaar

Cyclis supports the local bike trade. Thanks to our close cooperation with local dealers, we can deliver and maintain every bike and guarantee a smooth service. We are currently working with around 800 partners in Belgium where customers can go for specialized advice, test drives and maintenance.

Take a look at our bicycle dealers

Your bike dealer is not yet on our list? No problem! Send us the details of the store and we will contact them for a collaboration.

"Cyclis is a nice leasing company, structured and adapted to today's society. They have great employees who manage their job well. Cyclis thinks along with the bicycle dealer. One of the major advantages is their maintenance budget that can be adapted to the needs of the cyclist. Wildiers E-Bikecenter is already a fan! "

Kris Voet - Operational Manager of Wildiers E-Bikecenter 

All-inclusive leasing package

✓ Full service 24 hours a day

Make the most of our extensive leasing package, whether on a work-related or private trip:

All risks insurance
During the rental period, your leasing bike is insured against damage and theft in Europe. In case of theft, we wait for a police report and proof of both keys with a visible key number, you will receive a new bike of the same value. So, make sure your bike is equipped with a sturdy latch, so you're always in order for insurance.

In case of damage, you can contact the local bike dealer for the preparation of a repair quote. You will provide this quote to Team Cyclis with some pictures of the damage. As soon as the necessary documents are sent, and the insurer approves them, the bike can be repaired. 

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Customized maintenance budget
When preparing the quote, you can choose a maintenance budget that you can manage entirely online. By default, a maintenance budget of €300 is provied, but you can increase it individually. With this maintenance budget, you can have maintenance performed and accessories purchased during the leasing period. Do you still have a budget at the end of the trip? No problem, we will make sure that it is not lost! You can get a voucher for the remaining amount for later use at the merchant.

How it works?
Log in with your details via our website. If you have not yet received your login information, please send an email to and we will be happy to help you create an account. Once logged in, click on the "My Bikes" button. You can find below several items, such as your passports and maintenance invoices. Do you want maintenance done at the local dealer? Print your maintenance credit by clicking on the "Maintenance Credit" button. Show the voucher to your trader via your smartphone or print this voucher. The amount is free to spend. Note: If the budget is exceeded, you must pay the remaining amount directly to the merchant.

24/7 assistance
Bad luck on the road? Our partner is at your side day and night! Call the VAB telephone number +32 3 253 61 38 and send in your SO-number. A technician will be on site within one hour to perform a repair on site or to move to a location of your choice. VAB Roadside Assistance is valid in the Benelux.

Tip: At the beginning of the lease, put your SO-number and the VAB number in your smartphone, in order to always have them close to you in case of breakdown.

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✓ Support and accompanying process

Team Cyclis is a loyal partner that relieves the customer as much as possible by providing administrative support to the company and guiding employees through processes. Personal and direct communication with employees is essential. In order to ensure the best possible service, Team Cyclis is available 24/7 to provide support, if needed, during the term of the lease. 

In addition, we have developed an online portal to simplify data management for the employer and employees. The employer can track the entire fleet online, the employee can manage his own bike passport online. With this online environment, all parties can easily track and view information.  

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✓ Courses about safe cycling with an electric bike / speedbike

In the future, Cyclis wants to help think about safety, such as solutions for the problems concerning speedbikes. We have recently started working with the e-bikerijschool to offer tailor-made courses to companies. Their program for companies is new and contributes to safer commuting. 

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